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To schedule, reschedule or cancel an individual lesson, please login to our online scheduling system.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a Single Lesson
  1. Click on 'Appointments' to view your upcoming lessons.
  2. Find the lesson you're unable to attend, and click either 'cancel' or 'reschedule.'

  • Please note: The system will not allow you to cancel or reschedule any lessons with less than 48-hours notice, as we bill for all late cancellations. 
How to Cancel a Recurring Lesson
  1. Please contact our office and let us know the effective date of your recurring lesson cancellation.
  2. We'll cancel all future lessons and send you a confirmation via email.

  • Please note: If we receive a cancellation request for your next recurring lesson with less than 48 hours notice, you will be billed for that lesson.

    How to Book a Single Lesson
    1. Students new to Off the Wall should select one of the Introductory lessons for the instrument of their choice to schedule their first, free lesson.
    2. Returning students should select one of the Private Lessons for the instrument of their choice; they'll then have the opportunity to select an available teacher or time slot.

    Online Scheduling

    Select a service to schedule an appointment.



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